Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cherry Clafoutis by Sabrina

To make this Cherry Clafoutis, you will need:
*cherries, 400gr (pitted )
*milk, 150ml
*whipping cream , 250ml
* vanilla , 1/2 teaspoon
* sugar, 100gr
* all purpose flour, 100gr
* eggs, 4
* butter, 50gr (melted)
* icing sugar
* brown sugar

Pre-heat oven (180°C). Butter a mold (here I used a 23cm one) Sprinke it with brown sugar. Wash the cherries and rinse them. Pit and halve cherries.
Whisk the milk, cream, the vanilla extract, the eggs, the sugar, the melted butter and flour until well combined. Pour the batter in the mold, and then place the cherries evenly.

Bake 40 minutes aprox until golden brown. Serve warm sprinkled with icing sugar.