Monday, January 23, 2006

Goan Pork Sausages - My All Time Favourite

These sausages are unique to Goa and my all time favourite. They are absolutely delicious and can be eaten for breakfast lunch or dinner. The recipe below shows how to prepare the meat for future use. Once this is doen you can cook it by plain frying, broiling, or the way I like most with lots of chopped Onions. Yummilicious. 

They are found all over Goa but mostly the taste is similar wherever you eat it. However avoid the commercial ones as they are terrible. For The Recipe

For the sausage meat :

1 kg fatty pork (boneless)
½ cup Salt
1 tsp. Saltpetre
2 tbsps. Lemon juice

For the Spice Paste (do not use water)
25 Dry Red Chilies
1 tsp. Cummin Seeds
2 tsps. Peppercorns
10 Cloves
1 tsp. Turmeric
2 large pieces Cinnamon
40 gms. Ginger
40 gms. Garlic
Vinegar to grind the spices
6 tbsps. Palm feni (not to be used while grinding)

Wash the pork well. Remove the skin, cut into small cubes, apply half the salt and place in the basket. Keep heavy weight on the meat for 4 hours. Drain out all the water that collects around the meat and apply the remaining salt, saltpeter and lemon juice. Keep the meat again under weight for 24 to 48 hours, turning the meat after 12 hours. Sprinkle a little salt before keeping weight on the meat. Drain out any water that might be left, wipe the meat pieces with a clean dry cloth and keep it in the sun for a day. Mix the meat well with the spice paste adding the fenni a little at a time. Again keep this mixture in the sun for 2 days stirring it now and then with a wooden or plastic spoon.. Cool the meat and store in an air-tight jar. This will remain for months. Using a clean dry spoon, remove just enough sausage meat that is required at a time.

As mentioned above it could be plain fried, broiled or cooked with lots of onions. No need to add oil as the fat in the pork will take care of the cooking. A little water may be added to avoid initial burning.

The traditional way to store the meat is to take 2 meters approximately, of dried guts. Clean wash and dry thoroughly. Fill the sausage meat into the guts, 4 inches apart tying the space in between with strong thread. Sun dry for a couple of days.


Wilfred said...

Hi Adrian
Thanks for the authentic Goan Pork Sausage recipe.
Do you have the recipe for Green Masala? I have tried various recipes downloaded from the internet but they are all bogus.
Thanks in advance

Adrian said...

Hi Wilfred,
Yes the recipe is authentic and I also have a similar one which is sausage meat masala.

As for Green Masala I will put up the recipe soon with pictures. Do you want a fish with green masala or chicken with green masala???

Wilfred said...

Hi Adrian
Thanks for replying to my comment and request. I prefer the green masala for chicken and beef and the green masala for fish would be a bonus!

jasinta said...

Thanks Adrian i was searching this recipe for a long time. At least now i can make goa sausages at home. As am not from goa i had to request my friends every now n then. Thanks again.

Sandip Ghose said...

but have you tried Bebo's GPSs (Goan Pork Sausages)? for detials check out my blog - " Love Bebo" at :

Crispin said...

Hi my name is Crispin,
I was in Goa recently I could not bring in any goa sausages into Australia cause of ristrictions.I am greatful for the recipe. Does any body have the recipe for chicken cafreyal? green masala. I tasted it in a restaraunt in Saligao it was good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

I am a huge goan sausage fan. The only sausage that came close to the goa sausage was the ones I bought from a portuguese sausage make in Mississauga Canada who claimed that he gets a lot of goan customers who shared the recipe.

I live in the US and I tried your recipe. Substituted Aquavit ( a Nordic liquor). My neighbor who runs a pharmacy got me a big jar of salt peter (not easily available in stores after 9/11 as it can be used to make smoke bombs they say).

The sausage smells good but the meat came out too salty ! I used half cup table salt for 5lbs of pork shoulder. I have yet to sun dry the final concoction. Hope the salt moves into the spice mix :-)

datholog said...

Hi Adrian,
I live in san francisco.Would like to know if anyone makes goan sausages and sells it.Please let me know if there is anybody.

datholog said...

Hi Adrian,
This is Lewis,I live in san francisco.Do u or anyone else knows if anybody makes and sells Goa sausages in the u.s..please let me know.Thanks

Prema said...


Have been going through your blog. Lovely recipes. I tried the coconut laddoo and all have liked it. Please can you give me the pork roast recipe

Anonymous said...


I've tried two batches and they have come really well.

The only issue I have is the meat is extremly salty.

1. Is reducing the salt by half an option?

2. After the initial sun drying period (after adding the salt), should the meat be washed and wiped dry prior to adding the spices?

3. As I live in Australia, the summers are pretty hot (35C+). The meat is absolutely dry after the initial sun drying with salt and after sun drying with the spices. So I add oil to the final product and store in the fridge. Am I over drying the meat?

4. Any good substitute for the feni? Cant get it here.

5. I use apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar for added flavour.

Thanks again as the taste is delicious.


alvaro said...

Hi there...I need help. Recently got back from Goa with 2 kg of Agacaim owen dried sauceages and was sdviced to store them in the fridge. Well in Canada we are at sub zero...anyway...I stored in the fridge, but 15 days later they started to fungus/mildew. I thouhgt they'd last a year at least. We have a home heating natural gas furnace to maintain 24 deg centigrade inside the house and it naturally radiates heat near furnace. Will it be ok to curl them up on a wooden stick, like in olden days and hang them open near the furnace? What's the solution?
Thanks, yor help will be much appreciated.

Addie the Baddie said...

@ Alvaro – If the fungus is already on the gut you can’t dry it again as the fungus could catch the meat. To avoid the fungus catching the meat you can remove the meat from the gut and store it in the freezer. I usually get mine from Goa and store the sausages in the freezer. It defrosts within an hour. So this way I really don’t have a problem of storing sausages.

@ Anonymous – You can reduce the salt, that’s one solution. However it depends how u prepare it. I usually slice a lot of onions and mix the meat with the onions and about 2 tbsp of water and let it cook on slow fire for 45 minutes. If the sausages are salty you can add potatoes with the onions. Many people add potatoes. However if you are just frying it then expect the sausages to be salty. I usually don’t prepare it that way. Some people do fry it but that’s because the sausages are fresh and have not been dried as much so the salt content is ok.
Also please note that once the process of drying is completed it should not be washed nor any water allowed come in contact to avoid fungus.
Apple cider vinegar or with some vodka could be tried. However can’t comment much on it as I haven’t done it that way.

Anonymous said...

When in Toronto, ask around for Rolfe from Thornhill, or in Brampton a guy by the last name Mendes ( Real Estate). The rest of the goans that make or try to make sausages is just an abomination of the delicacy

Anonymous said...

Thanks. This is the same on Joyce Fernandes Goan Cookbook

endorphis said...

I just stumbled over your blog, i love it, I'm definitely going to try some of your recipes. Keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

I live in Sydney and want to make this recipie, one question, do you keep the meat in the fridge or outside for 48 hours when its under weight?

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,
Do you keep the meat in the fridge or outside for 48 hours when its under weight?

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,
Thanks for all the info. Let me mention to all the goans that you can get authentic goan masala's paste and prawn curry powders from Goana Foods in Canada - they also make fantastic goan sausages now - you will think that you are in goa. here is the email address that I got all my products and really satified with the quality
Enjoy all the goans - You cant go wrong.

Anonymous said...

The amount of salt in this recipe seems insanely high. Half a cup for 1 kg of meat? Really? Isn´t one cup 2,4 dl (US) or 2,8 dl (UK)?

In similar recipes usally the amount of salt is about 2 tablespoons or 20 grams per kilo of meat.

marci4u said...

the recipie made me long for the good ole sausage fry one gets in Goa.
If anyone knows if the same is available anywhere in Paris and surrounding areas, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

hi adrian,
ur recipe was fabulous,i tried it out this summer, and bottled it and kept it in the fridge, my husband and friends greatly appreciate it. thanks a lot and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

hi adrian
This is to inform u that the goan masalas were out here in Canada mississauga in the indian stores 11 years ago under the name SALDANHA'S foods They ship our Goa rice for perfect for cahji on good firday that one still likes. also have Goa Gagry for the sweets and alebelle ( pancake)for tuesday.One can get para and Mackerel fish in bottles and Goa Coconut viniger. The fish curry is awesome.
Also have Caldeen powder to cook the white pumkin and prawns curry . there is East indian masala pwd too. go to any Indian stores or most of them have it.
To be honest with u i have tried Goanas spices and have found that my curries come out too black even the sausages i made had to throw it out as the goanas made it very black. for the Saldanha's masala i get a nice bright red colour I it makes my cooking as close as possible looking and tasting as in GOA

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi Wilfred
yes i have a paste for the Cafreal most delicious green dish. all u need to add to it is tumeric( Haldi pwd)
can be used for mutton,chicken and beef best results for these meats
u can get this under the Saldanha's foods in the indian stores if u r in Canada
u can visit one of the Indian stores in Mississauga
U will be suprised at the Saldanha goan spices that r shipped and u do not have to go to Goa for the dishes Goa Rice ,Gagry vinigert and much moreshipped .

Anonymous said...

hi alaro
too bad that the sauges got fungus
sausages will not stay for one year with out getting fungus in the fridge
ur best bet is to cut the gut and get the meat out and bottle it or bag it in freezer bags and will remain good for one year like that
honestly it still tastes the same after u have cooked it
defrost a little before cooking it.
hope it helps u salvage ur gooa sausages.
also remember gas heating lets out moisture in the air and does not help the sausages if u dry them in the furnace room. More over the smell of the sausages will go through the whole house through the vents.
hope this is helpful

MikeMenezes said...

Thanks a million Adrain; Right now having your ( My) all time favourite while Im posting my comment; Great recipe!! Thank once again !!

Unknown said...

Hey Adrian :

I just love the receipes posted on this site of yours. Its wonderful and have tried some of them and being in Dubai it has been a worth of praise to you. My humble request ot you is can u pls give me the receipe for the christmas cake that you have made NOT BATH, but the cake which is in the plate with plums or raisins and its like the one served for weddings -please email me on if u dont mind thanks and god bless u n yr fly.

Anonymous said...

Hi adrian.
Can i use this masala to make beef sausage..

Filipe said...

Home made Chicken Caferial Masala

This recipe is to those who cannot afford to go and buy the ready made Caferial masala. This is how I do it.
For 6 chicken thighs, remove skin and give 1 or 2 scores apply salt and keep Side.

Take 1/2 bunch of coriander leaves, 6 - 8 garlic cloves,
1/2" ginger, 2 or 3 green chilies, 10 pepper corns, 4 cloves, 1/2"cinnamon,, a tablespoon tamarind paste and 1 tbsp cider vinegar or lime juice plus 1 tbsp ketch up.

Blend all with little water and marinate the chicken with this paste for overnight.

Heat pan or pot ( heavy base is best for this) add 1 fine chopped onion with little oil. Add the chicken pcs,,initially high heat then to medium low.
Turn after 15 min. A pinch of sugar for good taste maybe added. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The salt content is just one of the problems. The salt Petere is not allowed in the US and Canada. Prague powder #1 or Insta Cure can be used at 28 gms for every 25lbs of meat. You must add salt to this. No more than 2.5 to 3 % of the meat weight. The prague powder is 93.75 % Salt and ^.25 % Nitite and is a must if you are to smoke it. It increases the shelf life. But the sausage should be refridgerated at 40 till it dries. Go to google there is a guy selling sausages in the US but he does not use Goa Vinegar. He will even post it to your address.

Anonymous said...

There is a person in Vancouver Canada that does ready to use curry pastes and there are a few goan masalas in her list too. Email and request for the flyer.

denzil pinto said...

This recipe has really worked for me. Thanks.
I tried it the first time and it turned really salty.
The second time after salting the meat and removing the water, I rinsed the meat slightly and patted each piece of meat with a dry cloth.
I repeated the same process the second time as well.
This time the meat was a bit salty but the effect disappears when you make a dish out
of it.

vedant bahri said...

hey got some fresh ones from goa.. how to store them (in the freezer or fridge?). also what is the correct way to peel them?