Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's been more than 3 months...I haven't posted any new recipes on my blog

Have been extremely busy @ work so no time for blogging. Miss cooking and blogging, but stole some time in between the busy schedule to make few Christmas sweets (I made Milk Cream, Jujupes, Besan Laddoos, Baath Cake, Black & White mini Meringues & my signature goan multi layered layered Bebic. Adrian made Christmas Cake, Rum Balls, Baileys & White chocolate fudge. Sabu made the Chocolate Brownies) so we all 3 equally contributed in making the sweets.

It's been Party time since 24th Dec, 2011 & still on the roll. Dec/Jan is the time of the year filled with birthdays, Wedding's, Anniversaries never ending Season full of fun & love. This is the best time of the year. Tired of eating & drinking. This is it I have to get back to my Chemical diet to shed all those pounds piled up gorging on those lovely sweet meats & food galore.

24th Dec. night Party @ home..had a short & sweet time as we all had work the next day... Alll early to bed...

25th Dec. Noon Party @ Rani & Vally's House. Had a rocking time with Cointreau. I was seriously rocking. ;-) Thank you Rani & Vally for all the troubles you take to make us Happy. Rani your Signature Strawberry cheesecake rocks. Cheers ..... BAILEYS..

30th Dec Noon Party @ Raj & Freeda's House. Had a Ball. That was a ball of a time rolling the lemon in our mouth and wishing Michu happy birthday.

Freeda wanted me to decorate Michu's (my godchild)birthday cake. Since I didn't have much time Freeda baked the red velvet cake & cupcakes & I just had to frost it. Decorated it with two tone red & white roses with cream cheese frosting. Roses look awesome isn't it????

Thank you Freeda & Raj for the nice party, Not forgetting the Signature Biryani & Vermicelli Kheer) Oh I forgot the Boondi Laddoos they are mind blowing... Do you have some more... If not make some and send it for me.. Was I saying I'm going back on Diet... Yes Yes I'm going on diet.. Thanks Freeda.. I will let you rest until Christmas for my quota. :-)

It was our 16th Wedding Anniversary on 30th December but since we were invited for Michu's Birthday we didn't celebrate. Thank God for that or else one more party to our list & we would surely explode...

1st January Midnight Party : It's time for some new resolutions... I made a resolution to loose around 10 Kgs more but resolutions are for breaking instead of loosing I gained 5 kgs. But I have got to do it.. So its gonna be 15 kgs of fat shedding. What a difficult task. :( Chemical Diet here I come.

All set to go to Church for Newyear's Mass.

We had a pound party... As Usual loads of delicacies & desserts but not a very happening party as all were gloomy, tired & fedup of eating & drinking. I could see it in everyone's eyes begging for some rest to their bellies. Thank you Rani & Vally once again. We had fun... Parties are just an excuse to be together...

Sorry no pics... Can you believe we didn't click a single pic.

Still not Finished.... This day of the year is a big DAY for me. 6th Jan my birthday.. Adrian (My darling) makes all the preparations way in advance (from marinating to baking) I am just the Sous Chef not allowed to cook & the Master Chef does it all. Adrian also baked a special Opera Cake which was Yummilicous... finger licking delicious.

Made Chinese food (Mangolian Lamb, Schezuan Chicken, Mixed fried rice, Beef Roast with rosemary & wine vinegar, Batata Harara - kick on starter, Meat ball Manchurian plus the signature desert Chocolate Mousse. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and for coming and making my DAY. Special thank you to Adrian & Sabu. MUAAAAAAH. Loved my birthday gifts....

Resolution seriously gone for a TOSS I must say :( still piling up....

In between lunches,parties & Bbq's happening at work ... OMG !!!!! I need to stop it... but howwwww???? BIG QUESTION MARK?

17th January - Freeda's Birthday & 10th Wedding Anniversary. Raj planned to give her a surprise as she was gonna be away from town on 17th.. We all jammed up at her place but instead she getting the surprise, we were surprised to see she had set up the bar & sitting inside to welcome us for her Surprise party. We had a nice time. The Cheescake from Mr. Baker was yummy... Thank You Freeda for the doggy bag.

22nd January - Vally & Rani's Anniversary...It's a week day but we wanted to give them a surprise too. Freeda out of town so Raj & Adrian decided for a surprise. We just barged in with some food & cake. Great evening but since freeda & kids were not there we have to go for lunch (Post anniversary celebrations) Just another excuse to spend time with loved ones.

Now the last 2 parties yet to come 27th Jan - Vanessa's Birthday & Raj's Birthday 1st Feb.. That's the end of our Partiesssss hopefully.

Updates to follow.

Thank You & Cheers to All for taking the time to pass by and read the happening events..


Jonyboy said...

Welcome back Sari. I'm sure many, like me, missed your mouth watering, tantalizing n delicious recipes. Hope to read more...more often. Belated seasons greetings to you n ur lovely family.

Jonyboy said...

Oh btw....I dint get my sahre of the sweets, this year. Boo hoo boo hoooo.....sniff sniff.

Anonymous said...

What a awesome cake!!!amazing...Please can you tell me where could i learn such wonderful cake decoration in Mumbai

Anonymous said...

Hi sari,
wonderful cake!!! amazing! Please can you tell me where in bombay can i learn this cake decoration.