Thursday, July 23, 2015

German Doner Kebab, Salmiya, Kuwait

For those who want to try a different type of Shawerma in Kuwait should make a trip to German Doner kebab which is on Food street (Mataam Street) in Salmiya. No idea why it is called so but the street is lined with quite a few restaurants, mostly takeaways. This restaurant is also in Dubai and which has a seating area unlike the joint in Kuwait is only a takeaway.

Shawermas and Felafel sandwiches are a staple in Kuwait and a quick snack on the go whenever you are hungry. It can be had for breakfast lunch or dinner.

However the Doner Kebab is something different and full meal by itself and is priced equally high if you compare it to the simple Shawerma. Having said that, it is something you need to try out atleast once as the quality of the meat and the sandwich by itself is way superior than your normal Shawerma. It comes loaded with meat/chicken. However we prefer the veal/beef sandwich and always go in for a topping of extra meat.
The meat is grilled on the stick as in a normal Shawerma, however it’s a bloody huge stick. The meat once grilled is shaved with a shaver and not a knife as is usually the case in your regular Shawerma shops. This gives you the thinnest of tender meat slices, which is loaded onto the sandwich. The quality of meat is so good that although it is well grilled, the meat still melts in the mouth. The staff are very friendly and one of them even posed for pictures. This time we managed a video for those who would like to see how it’s done.

The sandwich is huge and is more than sufficient for a good eater for either lunch or dinner. We always share it as it gives the opportunity to try out a few more things. Highly recommended.

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