Monday, June 15, 2015

Amir Al Khaleej Aiysh Bukhary Restaurant, Kuwait

At the recommendation of a friend and a very enticing picture on facebook, I decided to check out this restaurant located at Khaitan, for Afghan food. The above picture was taken at the time of Dine-in/ 

As we had a very tiring day, the idea was to get the food home and relax and enjoy the meal. Got a bit confused finding the location as the name of the restaurant was in Arabic and we missed the spot. However to make it easy and for those who know Khaitan, its just the free right of the 50 before the stadium and about a 100 meters thereafter and before Abou Tareq Koshairy restaurant. Had a long chat with one of the waiters there and he explained that the Aiysh or the Rice is cooked in the stock of chicken or lamb in one pot and called Bukhary by the Afghans.

We ordered our takeaway which was a dish of Rice with Grilled Chicken and some kebabs to go with it. We ordered three portions, but the quantity was easily sufficient for 5. It was a massive dish. The rice was served half and half in two different flavours. One was a orange coloured rice and the other was white and both had its own distinctive flavours. The char grilled chicken gave an additional flavor to the rice and made it all the more delicious. It was served with a sauce mixture of raw garlic, chillies and tomatoes which the ladies of the house enjoyed. I however felt that an added gravy item would make it really fantastic. When I mentioned it to my friend who had recommended the restaurant, he recommended to try the Channa masala gravy which is a killer. So next time perhaps.

The Lamb Kebas in my opinion was OK but the ladies loved it. I will definitely recommend it as it is very cheap and tasty. However, for those of my friends who are looking for an alternative to the Machbous from Freej Soweileh, please don’t confuse yourself. There is no better place for Machbous than Freej Soweileh and you cant compare the two. It’s a different flavor altogether. So for those who would like to try Afghan food, then this probably is one of the few places where you can get good Afghan food. So if you make it, do let me know. Cheers

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Anonymous said...

None of the mentioned food on the menu is Afghani cuisine, seems more or less like Arab food.