Monday, June 15, 2015

The Quest for Kebabs- Malek Al Meshawy (King of Grills)

Arabian Kebabs differ from the Indian variety and are much mildly spiced. The meat is mildly flavoured with light herbs so as to retain the meat flavours. Our quest for kebabs in Kuwait had ended with Kebabs from Hijja Kebabs and there was nothing we thought could surpass that taste.

However, after tasting many kebabs we were recommended to try an Iraqi Restaurant in Kuwait city for Kebabs. Chanced to pass by on one of the days at about 6 pm and decided to go for it.

We ordered lamb kebabs and Shish Tawooqs along with sides of hummus and muttabel. The kebabs were fantastic, thick and juicy with a different taste altogether. However, the shish tawooqs was the dish that hit the spot. The chicken was grilled to perfection and  was soft and juicy. The taste too was different and went well with the hummus and muttabel. The piping hot and soft Khubz (Iraqi/ Iranian Style rotis) was an added incentive and was brought as and when required.
The price surprisingly is bloody cheap and easily affordable. Its located at the Sawaber intersection in Kuwait city adjacent to the KIPCO tower.

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