Monday, June 21, 2010

Fish Cakes

Ingredients :

3/4 Kg fish fillet (I used shark fish fillet)
1 onion (finely chopped)
3/4 tsp black pepper powder
8 tsp Mayonnaise
2 tsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp oyster sauce
3 tbsp spring onions (only greens finely chopped)
2 eggs - divided
8-10 tbsp oil
1 cup of breadcrumbs

Preparation :

Wash and boil the fish with 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 cup of water for 6-7 minutes. Once cooked & cooled mash it, keep it in a bowl.

In the same bowl add finely chopped onion, pepper powder, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, oyster sauce, spring onion, 1 egg. Mix it well.

Take little mixture into your hands and shape it into small or big patties.

Take one egg, beat it. Roll the fish cakes in the beaten egg, now dust it with breadcrumbs.

Shallow fry it putting 2-3 tbsp of oil in a frying pan. Lightly brown it for 2-3 minutes each sides on slow flame.

Serve it with tartar sauce/ketchup or make a sandwich with some lettuce & tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning 2 u,

Never knew that we could make cutlets of shark fish. Thanks for the receipe.

Kuwait markets r flooded with Tilapia fish, by any chance do you have receipe for the fish.


byungjin said...

it looks yummy :)

i am hungry !!!!

Girish said...

really yummy recipe shared from your side with all, i will sure try the same this weekend as my son is very found of fish and will sure update with his review.

Thanks for Sharing,
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Sari said...

Girish, You are most welcome. Will be waiting for your son's review.