Tuesday, December 26, 2006


200 gms cashew powder
400 gms icing sugar
1 tsp almond essence
3 tbsp rose water
1 egg white


Mix all the above ingredients in a processor and make a nice dough (not very soft but smooth) now add desired colour and shape it in moulds. Or make fruit shapes.

Marzipan's are so very colorful, everyone loves them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sari
That was quick. Thank u very much you are so sweet just like your recipes.

Nice one about your mom, see mom too makes mistakes:-). Me off to auckland will be back next year. Wishing you well and have a nice new year.

Will try your recipes for sure. I like the date one.


Sari said...

Happy Hols Rajani. Wishing you a very happy & propsperous Newyear 2007.

Malini said...

Hi Sari,

Was checking your recipe for marzipan. Was wondering if its really important to add the egg yolk. Can I make do without it. Was a little worried about the egg smell

Anonymous said...

Hi Sari, Your blog is just lovely!. I am a novice at cooking. I was just wondering why the marzipan mixture is not cooked. I always thought that it had to be cooked till it left the sides of the pan. Please do reply :) ... Cheryl