Tuesday, December 26, 2006


1 Litre KDD full cream Milk
300 gms sugar
100 gms cashew powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp unsalted butter

Put milk in a pan and let it boil on slow fire , now add sugar and let it boil untill it becomes very very thick this will take around 45 minutes for the milk to get condensed.

Keep stirring. Now addd 100 gms cashew powder, 1tsp vanilla essence and the butter.

Keep stirring continuously to avoid sticking to the pan.

Now remove from fire and once cooled put in desired moulds and shape it. If you dont have the moulds you can put it in a greased deep plate and cut in square or diamond shapes upon cooling. This toffee is mind blowing.


Anonymous said...

where in U.A.E do you get these shell shaped moulds. Thanks for a wonderful recipw

Sari said...

I've no idea where you can get them in UAE but if u r from mumbai u can get them at cheapjack, bandra. Make sure to taste these rubber moulds coz sometimes they r extremely bitter and all ur marzipans or milkcream will taste bitter.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to second your comment on tasting the mould... (hah!). Seriously !!! coz I got two of them 5 years ago.. all efforts turned futile when I had to dump all my precious marzipans in the garbage. They just wont let go of the bitterness even after days of soaking.
Regards Angela

Rebecca said...

Can I substitute the milk / sugar for condensed milk??? Would you be able to give the directions for this receipe using condensed milk??? Also I'm in Canada and cannot find these rubber moulds... I bought some plastic ones that are used for candy / lollypops... Can I use it for this toffee???

Three-Cookies said...

This sounds really really delicious. I make something similar without cashew and butter, I will certainly try your version