Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spicy Baked Chicken

I was so fed up of cleaning the squids that I decided to make a quick marinade with whatever I had and could think of. So basically I didn’t do any cutting or chopping of ingredients. Just added whatever I thought would taste good. The Chilli Garlic Tomato Ketchup did come handy as I was not in the mood to cut anything at that time.

1 whole Chicken around 1200 gms
3 tbsp Soya sauce
1 tbsp brown sugar
5 tbsp Chilli Garlic Tomato Ketchup (I used Kimbals)
2 tsp Kashmiri Chilli Powder
½ tsp Pepper
1 tbsp vinegar

Just cut up the chicken into four quarters. I didn’t remove the skin. I usually remove the skin only if I do it for a Barbecue or if I am using the revolving grill of the oven. Since I was baking it I left the skin on. It really tastes fantastic. Those who are health conscious can remove the skin and try it. Remove any visible fat under the skin.

Mix all other ingredients and toss the chicken in it. Marinade the chicken in this mixture for an hour and bake in a hot oven at 210 degrees for about 20 minutes and then 180 degrees for the next 45 minutes. In between keep on opening the oven and pour the sauce over the chicken at regular intervals. The end result was an absolutely sublime delicious juicy chicken. Do let me know if you try it and if you do any changes to the recipe.